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How do I enroll for Mobile Banking if I don't have a phone number?

You may enroll other mobile devices for mobile banking by using your home phone number or another phone number you will remember.

How do I disable or remove my mobile device?

If you wish to temporarily disable your device from Mobile Banking, complete the following steps:

To disable your phone or other mobile device:
- Log in from your computer to Online Banking
- Click Manage mobile banking settings under Quick Links
- Choose "Disable Device"

You will need to re-enable and re-activate your device for future use.

If you no longer want to use Mobile Banking, you may choose to remove your device. You will need to go through the Mobile Banking enrollment process for future use.

To remove your phone or other mobile device:
- Log in from your computer to Online Banking
- Click Manage mobile banking settings under Quick Links
- Choose "Remove your Device"

Once you remove your device, you will need to re-enroll to start using mobile banking again.

How do I re-enable my device?

If you temporarily disabled your mobile device from Mobile Banking, you may re-enable it by doing the following:

- Log in from your computer to Online Banking
- Click Manage mobile banking settings under Quick Links
- Choose "Enable Device"
- Follow the activation instructions

If you removed your mobile device entirely from Mobile Banking, you will not be able to re-enable the device. To re-enroll your device you will need to follow the same steps that you took when you originally registered your device for mobile banking. Click here for the full enrollment instructions.

How do I clear the cache, cookies or history on my device?

You may occasionally experience inconsistent performance or uncommon errors while using Mobile Banking due to caching issues and may need to have the cache, cookies and history cleared from your device.

See below for instructions on how to clear the cache, cookies and history for Androids, and Apple. For mobile devices not included in this list, you may reference the manual that came with your device for instructions.

Step 1: From the list of applications on your Android, click on the "Internet" Icon.
Step 2: Once you are on the internet, at the bottom of your device, there is a "Menu" option, click on this Menu option.
Step 3: Click on "More".
Step 4: Click on "Settings".
Step 5: Scroll to "Privacy configuration".
Step 6: Click on "Clear all cookies" and a screen will pop up that says "All cookies will be deleted." Click "OK".
Step 7: Click on "Clear cache" and a screen will pop up that says "Locally cached content and databases will be deleted." Click "OK".
Step 8: Click on "History" and a screen will pop up that says "The browser navigation history will be deleted". Click "OK".

Step 1: From the list of applications on your iPhone, click on "Settings".
Step 2: From the Settings screen, click on "Safari".
Step 3: Click on "Clear History", "Clear Cookies", "Clear Cache"

Be sure to check with your manufacturer to understand how this change may impact other applications.

Mobile App

Mobile AppQuestions on the Downloadable Mobile App
How do I install the Mobile Application?

To download the Mobile Banking App to your device, you must have an Online Banking profile and do the following steps:

Visit the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store and search for “Peoples United Bank”. Follow instructions to download and register your device.

How can I access the menu to use the all of the Mobile Banking features?

Simply tap the menu button in the upper left hand corner to quickly access all of the services available in our Mobile Banking app, which include Account Activity, Transfers, Bill Pay and Check Deposit.

How do I access my account activity?

Access your account activity by simply tapping on the account you wish to view right from the Account Overview page.

How do I search for a transaction?

Easily find a transaction by tapping Search from the Accounts page and enter the details of the transaction you wish to find.

How do I view the help content?

Help which includes many frequently asked questions and answers can be accessed from the ‘More” menu using the navigation bar.

How do I find the nearest ATM or Branch location?

Locate People’s United Bank ATMs and Branches from your mobile device using the Location feature. Locations can be accessed from the navigation tab bar and can be used to find ATMs and branches near your actual location and by entering search criteria.

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check DepositQuestions on Mobile Check Deposit
How do I deposit a check using my mobile device?

Make sure you have the most updated version of our Mobile Banking App, your mobile device meets our minimum standards and follow these steps:

To deposit a check using your mobile device follow these steps:
- Sign on to your account from your mobile banking app
- Select the Task “+” menu form the navigation tab bar and choose Deposit
- Endorse the check you wish to deposit
- Snap a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check
- Click OK once you capture the check images
- Complete the Deposit Info fields

For the best check image results:
- The check should be placed on a dark background
- All four corners of the check must also fit within the boundary indicated by the app
- Select a surface with indirect, natural sunlight for best results
Click here to view our demo in action

Minimum Device Standards:
- iOS 8.0 or higher.
- Android OS 5.0 or higher with a rear facing camera that supports autofocus.
- You have enrolled for mobile banking.

Mobile Web

Mobile WebQuestions on the Mobile Web
How do I enroll my phone for Mobile Web Banking?

To enroll your phone for mobile web banking, you must have a People's United Online Banking profile.

1. From your mobile device visit
2. Choose an option from the Mobile Banking menu (View Accounts, Pay Bills or Transfer Funds)
3. Accept our Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions
4. Enter your Online Banking User ID
5. Answer the challenge questions that you established for online banking
6. If you'd like your device to remember your User ID, select "remember this device"
7. Verify your Security Image and enter your password
8. Enter your mobile phone and click submit

For future visits, visit, choose an option from the menu and login with your Online Banking credentials.

Text Banking

Text BankingQuestions on Text Banking
How do I enroll my phone for Text Banking?

To enroll for mobile text banking, you must have a People's United Online Banking profile.

- From your computer, login to your People's United Online Banking account
- Choose "Manage mobile banking settings"
- Click "Enroll a Mobile Device"
- Follow the prompts
- Accept our Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions
- Page will refresh Text and Mobile Banking are selected, unclick Mobile Banking
- Click continue
- Page will refresh with activation code
- A Text message will be sent to your mobile device
- Respond to text message with the activation code displayed on the Mobile Banking center
- You will receive a text message indicating activation was successful

How do I setup Text Message Alerts?

To receive Text Message alerts on your mobile phone, please do the following:

1. Login to your Online Banking account
2. Click on the 'Customer Service' tab
3. Under 'Contact Options' click on 'Manage Alerts'
4. Under 'Contact Information' click 'Add contact information'
5. Under 'Phone' add the mobile phone number where you would like to receive the Text Message Alerts
6. Once your mobile phone number has been added, click on 'Manage Alerts'
6. Choose the alerts you would like to activate by clicking 'Add'. Once the alert is set up, 'Add' will change to 'Change' to allow you to make updates